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Celottna minimlna mzda sa zvyuje na 5,73 GBP na hodinu National Minimum Wage


Polacy zakladaja szkole w Londynie Polskich dzieci jest w stolicy


Die Hero ! Die European film against  the American burger.



Romania - Exporting Problems?

London at this time of the year, looks both very grey and dull. Driving on A406 , all you can do, beside observing the speed limit from time to time, is to listen to the radio..


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Can you write? This is a new website. A blank page in waiting.It is not intented to become a bussines.Just sharing thoughts, experiences and life in general. All you need is a beer or a glass of wine and your intellectual values to join .Make today a yesterday that you will be proud of tomorrow...



Police found the abassador of Israel Mr Refael in the Israeli embassy compound where he had been found bound, gagged and naked apart from sado-masochistic sex accessories.






Make new friends Say Hello to a stranger
















Cum sa iti faci tara mandra de tine. Invata de la profesionisti

Traditions In a fast moving world.Taste Eastern Europe




Employing Eastern Europeans in the United Kingdom

An advert aimed to the East Europeans community living in UK,could help your business


London powers ahead of the UK

London is home to over eight million people. It is also the capital of the world.


The Polish Festival UK Premiere of The Mother by S. I. Witkiewicz

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